Charge out rate and markup

Working out what markup to apply to get to your charge out rate

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One thing people often want to do is include the charge out rate of a person/machinery/item in their estimate or job. Because Buildxact works on a markup model we need to do this as cost plus markup rather than just entering the charge out rate straight in.

We've attached a simple convertor which will work out how much markup to a cost to get to a desired charge out rate.

Bit of maths and thinking 

Logic behind the markup spreadsheet is to say (chargeout/cost)-1=markup%. A lot of people when trying to work out the markup just do (chargeout/cost)=markup% which isn't correct, let's explain why.

How to know what markup to add
As far as adding markup we often get questions about what percent to add to get your desired total amount.

Please see here for a markup calculator we've made:

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