Supplier and Contractor price lists can be uploaded into Buildxact in an Excel format.

Price list Import Template:
This template will give you a great guide to formatting your price catalogue before loading it. We also get users send it to their suppliers from time to time as a guide for them on the format of list you need.

Tips for price lists:

  • Make sure row 1 is headings (see the attached template)
  • Avoid formulas
  • Avoid photos
  • The max length for any cell is 250characters when loading price lists
  • Item Code must be a unique value. See below for how to highlight non-unique values

Watch this video to guide you through the process of uploading price lists in Excel format.

How to highlight non-unique values in a column:

Firstly, highlight cells you wish to check for duplicates, then:

  1. Click Home
  2. Click Conditional Formatting
  3. Click Highlight Cell Rules
  4. Select Duplicate Values

How to bulk remove duplicates

  1. Click a cell in the column you want to remove duplicates in
  2. Click Data
  3. Click Remove Duplicates
  4. Select the column to check, generally you'd just choose one eg: ItemCode
  5. Click ok
  6. You will get a message saying how many were removed and how many remain.

Buildxact price list:
For an Excel version of the Buildxact price list use the link below. This is so you can use it as a starting point for your own price list, then upload it into Buildxact

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