When importing data, Excel is the format accepted by Buildxact.

For a template to guide you on the correct formatting please see here


Each item should be in its own separate column, as per the snippet below.

Note: the Description field has a maximum character length of 250 characters.

  1. Click into "Estimates"
  2. Click the green "+" button to add a new estimate
  3. Complete the relevant details in the pop up
  4. Click "Import items from my Excel spreadsheet"
  5. Click "OK"

Click "Browse" and choose the file from your computer files, this will upload the file

6. This column contains the headers from the Excel sheet
7. This column is where the information will go in the estimate in Buildxact
8. If the names in Excel columns match, Buildxact will recognise and use
9. If the names in the columns are not recognised by Buildxact, choose the correct column from the drop down
10. Click "Next"

A preview of the import appears

11. Check the headers and the data underneath matches
12. You can check all the data if necessary by moving through the pages of data
13.  If the data needs amending, you can click back to the previous pages to make changes
14. If the data is correct click "Import estimate item/s"  

15. Open the "Estimate Costings"
16. You will see the category names from the excel sheet
17. The items from the excel sheet will be against the categories allowing you to edit

If you need any help you can contact Support

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