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Can I upload estimates to Buildxact from Excel?
Can I upload estimates to Buildxact from Excel?

If your estimates are in an Excel format, they can be uploaded into Buildxact using our Excel template.

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This article outlines how to fill out Buildxact's excel template for uploading estimate details. Includes video run-through.

How to Upload Estimate Details to Buildxact

Getting your data format right

When importing data, Excel (.csv, .xls or .xlsx preferred) is the format accepted by Buildxact.

For a template to guide you on the correct formatting please click the button below.

Each item should be in its own separate column, as per the example below.


Here is a run-through of the whole process:

Importing as a new Estimate

To create a new estimate and import your items:

Importing into an existing Estimate

To import into an existing estimate:

Need further help?

Please contact Support by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of this guide.

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