Recipes are Material and/or Labour items used to make up an increment of measurement, e.g build a lm of wall, m² of floor, or all the items to make up one door. Buildxact has a list of pre-made recipes that can be used as they are or amended to suit the project. You can also create your own.

There are two ways to create a recipe: from the Recipe database and from within the estimate

From the Recipe database

In the Navigation menu, click on "Pricing"- "Recipes" "My Recipes". Click the green + button to add new.

  1. Name your recipe
  2. Give your recipe a unit of measure
  3. Click the + button to add items
  4. Choose items from the price list, or free type in the items, add quantity needed for the unit of measure in step 2, unit of measurement, and cost
  5. Click ''Save & Close" to add it to your recipe database.

From the estimate:

Within the category you want to add the recipe to, click the green + button to add a line item
6. Delete "New Estimate Item"
7. Click the recipe icon

You can use steps 1 - 5 above to create your recipe.

You can also use the Buildxact recipes to create your own. Once you click on the recipe icon against the item, click "Browse Recipes" at the top right of the pop up.

8. Choose the Buildxact Recipes from the drop down
9. Use a search term to find the recipe you want
10. Or open the category to expand the items and search
11. Choose the recipe you want to use from the list on the right

You can use the recipe as it is by clicking "Close" to add it to your estimate.

If you want to amend it

12. You can edit the Description
13. Change the increment of measurement
14. Use the green + button to add new items
15. The 6 dots allow you to reorder the items
16. Edit the items - descriptions, quantity, unit of measure, cost
17. Use the trash can to delete any items you do not need
18. Click "Save As" to add this recipe to your data base. A pop will appear prompting you to save it.
19. If this recipe is only for this project and you do not want it saved to your database, click "Close" it will add to the estimate as a one off.

20. The recipe icon against the item is grey to highlight that a recipe is being used here

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