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Once you have used the takeoff tool to measure your material against the plan there are many ways you can use the calculations again.

The following video outlines how you can reuse measurements or read the How to steps below:

Rounding the quantities

  1. Click the calculator icon against the item in the relevant category under Estimate Costings.

2. Click the Rounding button and choose the rounding option for the item.
3. Click the = button to process.

Adding wastage

4. Click the calculator icon against the item in the category.

5. Click the Wastage button and select the amount of wastage to apply to the item.
6. Click the = button to process.

7. There will be a blue W next to the item to highlight that wastage has been added to this item.

Reusing measurements

When you have set up and drawn a takeoff measurement, you can use this measurement on other materials without having to draw the takeoff for the same area again. 

8. Add the item to the estimate category.
9. Add the same unit of measure as the original measurement you wish to re-use.
10. Add the price per UOM.
11. Click the calculator icon.

12. Click the C button to clear the field.
13. On the right-hand side of the calculator are all the takeoffs currently done in this estimate, choose the measurement you wish to re-use.
14. The calculation will appear in the grey field.
15. Click the = button to process.

16. You will see this measurement applied to the new item.

Note: If any updates are made to the original takeoff measurement, any items linked to that measurement this way will also update automatically.

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