How do I add markup to an Estimate?

There are three ways to add markup (margin) to your estimate within the estimate costings tab.

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Clicking the "Markup" hyperlink at the bottom of the screen will open up a new page which will allow you to add markup to the entire estimate.

  1. Markup can be added to individual sections, or categories of the estimate.

  2. Markup can be added to individual items.

Note: all the areas you add markup will add together to form the final mark.

See how your markup is being applied

To see the total markup applied to the item, simply click the dollar amount under the Quote Total heading.

From here, you can then click on the 'Show breakdown' button to see a complete breakdown of where the markup originates from.

Adding your markup as a lump sum

Currently the only way to add markup into Buildxact is as a percentage, if you're in the habit of adding your markup as a lump dollar figure you can use this calculator below to help transition your thinking across.

To use this calculator. see the instructions in the spreadsheet itself.

Note: all figures in this calculator exclude tax

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