From the Costings tab, choose or find the material item to be measured, the Unit of Measure will be m²

  1. Click the take off icon

2. Choose the elevation plan to apply cladding
3. Choose the appropriate shape for drawing
  - Polygon for irregular shapes (sloping floors, rooflines etc)
  - Square for regular rectangles and squares
  - Ellipse for circular and oval areas
4. Draw shape to cover all surfaces to be clad with the chosen material, covering windows, doors etc

5. To deduct any areas not to be clad, choose appropriate shape e.g. rectangle for windows and doors.
6. Choose “minus” tool
7. Draw on areas to be deducted (deductions will always be grey)
8. You will see the amount subtracting from the total
9. Click “Accept and Save”

10. The line item has updated with the quantity
11.  And the total price based on the quantity

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