How do I organize my plans?

Learn how to rotate and flip plans or delete those you don't need so you can streamline your takeoff process.

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Correcting the orientation of your plans, and deleting those you don't need, will streamline the process of creating takeoffs.

  1. Select the plan to want to rotate.

  2. Use the left arrow to rotate anti-clockwise.

  3. Use the right arrow to rotate clockwise.

  4. Use the two arrows to flip the plan.

  5. Use the trash can to delete the selected plan.

  6. Email to email the plans or takeoffs.

  7. Print allows you to print out plans or takeoffs.

  8. View Fullscreen expands the selected plan.

Alternatively, if you would like to rename any of your uploaded plans in Buildxact please refer to the below guide:

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