One question we often get is what defines a job as in progress or completed as per the jobs menu (see below).

The answer is that the progress of all jobs within Buildxact is based on the schedule completion percent (which you can see via the schedeule dial), which is to say that we base the progress on the work which is being done on site.

The below image refers to where a job will sit based on the schedule completion of the job.

In addition it's worth noting that we track the completion date of a job, and you can also set it if you want to set a goal/deadline date. To find the completion date start by navigating to your schedule, then:

  1. Head to the schedule screen of a job and hit the cog icon
  2. Click the "Set completion date" button
  3. Set the completion date.
    that the date will have been set already if the job is marked as 100% complete.

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