Framing is one of those things that can be done a few different ways and it all depends how much detail you want:

Option 1: A basic LM rate for frame and measure round all the walls

Option 2: Break it down further into nogs/plates/studs

.....this article will cover both.

Option 1 - LM RATE

This is the quicker easier way and is good if :

  • you're contracting outthe framing to someone who works off a simple LM rate
  • you're working with prefabframe
  • you know roughly what frame isworth per LM and just want to get a dollar allowance for the whole frame

To do this one you'd simply have a single line in your estimate as shown below, up to you if you want to have that line including labour or have a separate line for labour.

Option 2 - Broken down

Although there is more than one way to do this, when demonstrating this we stick to the single method as below, obviously change it as you need.

This method requires 3 lines in your estimate, 2 are recipes and 1 is not. Note that most people will either save these recipes and grab them every time or save the whole lot in their estimate templates

Now lets go through each recipe, first the frame

Then the junctions

Note on studs:

In all the examples above we're adding studs as number of studs. It is also perfectly fine to do studs as LM. The maths in the framing recipe would then become (1/.45) * stud height. As an example for a 2.7m wall at 450centres we get (1/.45)*2.7=6LM of stud material per 1LM of wall

More info on recipes

More info on recipes can be found here:

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