This article is for those not using our email integration feature which allows you to connect and send from your own email. For info on that CLICK HERE.

Emails and SMS are a service provided at no extra cost by Buildxact.

They are sent out of Buildxact are per user. e.g. if an account has two users - User A and User B, set up with their own email address and mobile number, if User A sends an email the "from" email address with be that of user A. And if User B sets a reminder in the schedule the "from" phone number and email will be that of user B.

A note about reminders: The "from" address and mobile number for a scheduled reminder will always default to the original creator e.g. User A creates a reminder for 2 days before, then User B opens the reminder and re-sets it to 3 days before, the "from" details will be that of user A as they originally created the reminder.

How to set up User details

Click on My Account > Users and click the Edit pencil against the user you wish to set up

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