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Q: How can I check and fix GST/tax issues on an invoice in Buildxact?

A: To check if there is GST on an invoice, look at the tax percentage for each item. If an item has 0% tax, it means there is no GST applied to that item. If your invoice doesn't have GST applied, it could be because there's no GST in the Estimate. To be able to apply GST to items, you need to turn on GST in the estimate.

If you are running a cost-plus job, the purchase order tax rate will control the invoice tax rate. Check the assigned contact and ensure they are registered for tax in their contact page.

Q: How do I edit or delete an invoice in Buildxact?

A: To delete an invoice that has not yet been paid, first ensure the invoice is set to a status other than Pending (Invoiced or Received). Change the status to Pending, save, and close. You will then see the delete button next to the invoice.

If the invoice has already been paid, you'll need to change the status to Part-Received first and delete the payment receipt.

Q: How can I print out my invoice statement for cost-plus jobs in Buildxact?

A: To print out your invoice statement for cost-plus jobs in Buildxact:

1. Open the job and navigate to the 'Outgoing Invoices' section.

2. Click the cog icon.

3. Click 'Print Invoice Statement.'

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