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Leads & Client Portal FAQs

Our most commonly asked question regarding leads and client portal.

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Q: How can I access messages from my clients in Buildxact?

A: To access messages from your clients, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Communications section in Buildxact.

2. Select "Conversations" to view your conversations across all client portals with your customers.

3. Look for any new messages marked as "Unread" at the top of the list.

4. Click on the conversation to view the message you have received.

Alternatively, you can access messages through the Leads section:

1. Navigate to Leads in Buildxact.

2. Select the lead you want to communicate with and click "Communication".

3. This will show you a list of messages between your company and that lead.

4. Look for any new messages and click on the conversation to view the message you have received.

Q: How can I share the site diary and schedule in the client portal, and do they update live?

A: You can share the Job Schedule to the Client Portal by exporting it to PDF, uploading it to the job details page under documents, and sharing it.

The site diary posts can be shared directly to the client portal from the site diary page, which will appear in the timeline section of their portal.

Currently, the schedule needs to be exported to PDF and shared manually, and it doesn't update live.

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