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What is Buildxact Onsite?
What is Buildxact Onsite?

Find out about Buildxact's companion mobile app, Buildxact Onsite.

Written by Kalya Ryan
Updated over a week ago

Buildxact's mobile app, Onsite, has been designed to enhance and streamline all your site management and crew communication.

With Buildxact Onsite you can:

  • manage your jobs from your mobile device;

  • invite your crew to communicate updates through the daily logs (NA)/site diary (ANZ) feature;

  • solve your labor shortages by hiring workers from our network of construction professionals.

The daily logs/site diary feature is synced with your web app so that you and your crew can share and see updates either on the job site, or in the office.

This is the first release of our mobile app, and the focus is on site management. We’ll be expanding the app’s features in the future.

The following table details some of the most FAQs about Onsite:

How do I access Buildxact Onsite?

Buildxact Onsite can be found on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Download the app on your device of choice, then login using your Buildxact credentials.

Who can use Buildxact Onsite?

Buildxact Onsite is available for all Buildxact customers on a Pro or Teams subscription. Buildxact Onsite can also be used by crew members invited to collaborate on jobs.

Can the app be used offline?

Buildxact Onsite requires an online connection for you to log in and sync with the web version of Buildxact.

How often are updates and improvements rolled out for the app?

We will be constantly looking to update and improve Buildxact Onsite based on customer feedback.

How can I report any bugs or share feedback?

You can share them via the chat function on our website or in the Buildxact web app, or you can send an email to [email protected]

How do I invite crew members to the job?

Buildxact users in your tenant will be able to see jobs and use all functionality in the app without having to be invited.

You can invite other team members (such as employees, contractors or sub-contractors) by navigating to the job, tapping the ‘See all crew’ button, then selecting ‘Invite crew’ to invite users from your phone book.

When the invitee signs in to the Buildxact app using their mobile number, the invite will be available in their notifications.

Can I invite those which are not part of my Buildxact account? Are there any additional costs involved?

Yes, you are free to invite anyone to your job within the Buildxact Onsite app.

There are no costs involved for Buildxact users to invite crew to the job and they do not count towards your user count for your Buildxact webapp account.

What do my crew see when they sign-in to the app?

The crew can see all sections within the app. They will only see the jobs which you have invited them to. Only Buildxact admins can see the client information.

Can I select photos and documents to share with my crew?

You can share specific job documents and photos with your crew by navigating to the job details section in the Buildxact webapp. Tap on all the files you want to share then select ‘Share to Onsite app’.

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