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Can I set default payment days for individual clients?
Can I set default payment days for individual clients?

This article shows you how to set a default due date for invoices per client.

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The following tutorial guides you through the steps necessary to set default payment days per client in your Buildxact account. This means you can customize the payment terms for each client individually, rather than applying the same terms for all clients throughout your account.

Where to set the default due days by client

To begin, navigate to the "Clients" section in your account. You will find a list of your existing clients. Each client has a designated payment terms box.

New versus existing jobs

It's important to note that changing the default payment terms for a client will not automatically update the due dates for existing jobs associated with that client.

New jobs created for the client after modifying the default payment terms will reflect the updated settings.

Best Practice

To avoid complications, we recommend you update the client's payment terms before creating a job, if possible. By doing so, you ensure that all future jobs for that client will have the correct default payment terms.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.

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