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How do I use the Daily Logs/Site Diary feature?
How do I use the Daily Logs/Site Diary feature?

How to get the most from Buildxact's Daily Logs/Site Diary feature.

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Different names in different places

Depending on your location, this feature is referred to by different names.

  • If you're in North America or anywhere in the world other than Australia and New Zealand, we refer to it as Daily Logs.

  • If you're in Australia or New Zealand, we call it Site Diary.

The feature itself is the same, regardless of your location. We have simply chosen names that are more intuitive for users in each respective region.

For the purpose of this article, we will use the term Daily Logs.

The new Daily Logs tab in the Jobs section provides a convenient way to track and record activities on your site. This guide (either the videos or steps below) will walk you through how to effectively use the Daily Logs, including adding posts, managing images, navigating the calendar, and understanding its integration with the mobile app and client portal.

How to use Daily Logs in Buildxact for North American users

How to use the Site Diary in Buildxact for Australian and New Zealand users

Accessing the Daily Logs tab

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the Jobs section.

  2. Look for the Daily Logs tab and click on it to access the daily logs functionality.

Adding/deleting a post

  1. On the daily logs page, click the Add Post button to create a new post.

  2. Provide details about the event in the post description field.

  3. Attach images to the post by clicking in the images box and either selecting existing images or uploading new ones.

  4. If necessary, you can rename the attached files.

  5. Select the date of your post (can be current day or you can choose to backdate your post).

  6. Click Save to add the post to the Daily Logs.

  7. To delete a post, click on the red delete button (trash can) to the right of the edit button.

Navigating the daily logs calendar

  1. As you add posts, they will appear as entries on the daily logs calendar.

  2. The calendar displays the number of posts for each day, allowing you to quickly identify when events occurred.

  3. You can click on specific dates to view the posts for that day.

Note: if you are using daily logs on a mobile device you will need to switch to calendar view or click on the calendar tab to access the calendar.

Searching historically

  1. Use the keyword search function to search for specific events or posts in the daily logs' history.

  2. Enter relevant keywords related to the event you want to find and click the search button.

  3. Searching with a date range selected will show posts in that date range that match the search term. The search works on text in a post or image names.

  4. The search results will display the posts that match your search criteria.

Like and Comment functionality

It's possible to like and comment on posts and see other users in the same account who have liked or commented on a post.

Share to the Client Portal

Share to the client portal by clicking on the Share button and then selecting Client Portal from the pop-up page. You can also keep track of which posts have or haven't been shared to the client portal using the Filter button.

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