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What is Daily Catalog Item Sync?

The Daily Catalog Item Sync is a process of automatically updating and synchronizing items in a catalog daily. It ensures that the catalog is always up to date with the latest information about items, such as price for example. This sync helps to ensure that your pricing is up-to date and accurate at all times.

How Does Daily Catalog Item Sync Work?

Daily catalog item sync relies on the catalog process to update the full catalog inventory. When the catalog is refreshed each day, the system scans for any changes in the item data and then updates the catalog accordingly. This keeps the catalog current, improving the accuracy of the information provided to customers.

  1. The external URL to the catalog Buildxact will sync with.

  2. Set the specific time and date on which the update will commence.

  3. This allows you to turn the sync on or off, as needed.

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