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What is Labs in the Explore menu in Buildxact?

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Contents: Explanation of Labs and how you can provide feedback.

What is Buildxact Labs?

Buildxact Labs gives you the opportunity to try new features that we're working on. They're not yet live, which means they're not always complete or functioning perfectly, so it's an opt in choice. Try it out and, if you like, give us feedback on your experience.

To find Labs, go to the Explore (1) section, you'll see Labs (2) in the pop out menu. When you click on Labs, you'll see a list of in-development features that you can opt into by turning on the toggle setting (3).

What features are available in Buildxact Labs?

Select Multiple Emails

In the communication section you can bulk select emails and mark them as read or delete them.

  1. Click on Communications in the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Click on Email in the pop out menu.

  3. Check the top check box to select all emails.

  4. Click either Mark all as read or Delete in the grey pop up box.

Polyline tool

The polyline tool feature works out the perimeter of the polygon in takeoffs

Delete Communications Notifications

This feature enables you to bulk select Notifications within Communications and mark them as Deleted. It is designed to help you declutter and keep your notifications addressed.

Global Search

When you toggle on the global search bar feature it will appear at the top right of your screen in Buildxact.

Global Activity Feed

The global activity feed feature puts your important notifications into one place.

Task List

Create tasks and see them in a check list.

Searching in Estimate Costings

Search for Category Names, Category Notes, Item descriptions and Catalogue codes from within Estimate Costings.

Your feedback

To give feedback on the Labs features please head to the Explore section in the app and click on Features Suggestions in the pop out menu.

You can then click on the Make a Suggestion (1) button or Vote (2) for existing feature suggestions. Once you are finished click on the Back to Buildxact (3) button.

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