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What is Labs in the Explore menu in Buildxact

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Contents: Explanation of Labs and how you can provide feedback.

What is Buildxact Labs?

Buildxact Labs gives you the opportunity to try new features that we are working on but are not quite ready to go live. This means they are not always perfect or complete, which is why you can opt in to try it out and even provide feedback if you like.

In the Explore (1) section you will be able to see Labs (2) in the pop out menu. This will show you a list of in development features that you can opt into using by turning on the toggle setting (3).

What features are now available in Buildxact Labs?

Site Diary

You will be able to upload pictures and maintain notes on your daily activities. Site Diary is located within a Job under the Job Details tab at the bottom of the page.

  1. Open a job and click on the Job Details tab. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

  2. To add to the site diary click on the Choose a date section to choose the correct date.

  3. Click on either upload photos or create a note to add to the site diary.

Note: To view past site diary entries select the corresponding date in the choose a date section.

Select Multiple Emails

In the communication section you will be able to bulk select emails and mark them as read or delete them.

  1. Click on Communications in the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Click on Email in the pop out menu.

  3. Check the top check box to select all emails.

  4. Click either Mark all as read or Delete in the grey pop up box.

Your feedback

To give any feedback on the labs features please head to the Explore section in the app and click on Features Suggestions in the pop out menu.

You can then click on the Make a Suggestion (1) button or Vote (2) for existing feature suggestions. Once you are finished click on the Back to Buildxact (3) button.

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