Epicor BisTrack Integration Overview

An overview of how to connect to your Epicor BisTrack service within Buildxact

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Article contents: Screenshots and a walkthrough of our new integration with Epicor BisTrack

Connecting With Epicor BisTrack

As a supplier, you will have an option to connect with your Epicor BisTrack account via our Supplier Integrations page.

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu click on Integrations (1) then Supplier Integrations (2) in the pop out navigation menu. Click green Connect (3) button on the Epicor tile.

  2. To connect with Epicor BisTrack you will need to provide the below Epicor credentials and click the green Connect button -

    1. Client Secret

    2. Client Url

    3. Username

    4. Password

  3. Once connected an Epicor default catalog will be created in your Catalogs area in Buildxact and you will be able to then publish and shared with your connected customers.

Managing Your Connection

Once connected, you will have the option to manage your connection. Here you can choose to Sync Now or Disconnect.

Note: We sync with Epicor BisTrack on a daily schedule, but you can choose to sync immediately if you need to.

We will keep a running log of all syncs that happen with Epicor BisTrack. If there is an issue, you will be notified of a failed sync here.

What do we sync?

We are able to sync both the public or default catalogs as well as the Builder specific pricing from Epicor.

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