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This guide will show you how you can export your estimate or actual costings to excel and filter for specific data

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In both your estimate and actual costings screens you have the ability to export to excel the data in your estimate/ job and filter to see data in a specific way. For the purpose of this guide, we will use the estimate costings data export as an example.

  1. In the estimate costings screen click on the settings cog and click on Export to Excel

If the export does not appear on your screen you can find it downloaded here:

2. Select the entire worksheet by clicking the cell in the top left corner

3. Click on Sort and Filter and then click on Filter

This will show drop down options on your column headings.

Filter by Type

To filter by type:

  1. Click the drop down arrow next to type, untick (Select All) and tick the type you wish to show data for, then click OK

This will show only the data you have chosen to filter for

2. To see all data again, click on the undo button in the top left

Filter by Category

If you only want to see the top level costs of each category without the line items included:

  1. Click on the drop down arrow next to the Displayed Order column, click on Text Filters and then click on Does Not Contain...

2. Enter the value of a full stop and click OK

This will then show a summary of your categories only

Filter by Markup

To filter by line items that include or do not include markup:

  1. Click on the drop down arrow next to the markup heading and either untick (Select All) then select 0.00 to see items without markup OR unselect the 0.00 only to show items that do have markup

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