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Article contents – How to steps for a known issue

This article relates to the below MYOB error and is specific to MYOB users within New Zealand.

Encountered a problem with supplier invoice J####/P####/####. Sending data to MYOB had the following errors. Name: Required
Message: TaxCode is required
Details: SellingDetails.TaxCode.UID
Severity: Error
Name: Required
Message: FreightTaxCode is required
Details: SellingDetails.FreightTaxCode.UID
Severity: Error

The root cause of this is the tax rates within Buildxact and how they map to the tax rates within MYOB.

The solutions is as follows.

1. Click on My Business

2. Go to Business Setup

3. Open Tax Rates

4. Edit the tax rates and update the Code column to be either S15 or E depending on the line. What we mean here is if the line has a 15% tax rate then add the code S15, if it has a 0% tax rate, add the code E.

Save the changes when done

5. Click on Integrations on the main menu

6. Click on Application Integrations

7. Click on the Setup button for MYOB

In the settings ensure sections 8 and 9 are filled out to match the screenshot below. Note that your MYOB codes may be different if you've changed them. In short:

  • Anytime the field refers to "tax type" or "S15" you'll want to use "GST at 15%" or the tax code you have to refer to 15% GST.

  • Anytime the field refers to "tax free type" or "E" you'll want to use "Exempt" or the tax code you have to refer to 0% GST.

Save the changes when done

Lastly, try syncing again. If the error remains for you please reach out to our support team for further guidance.

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