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Everything you need to know about how to connect Buildxact with Quickbooks in North America

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Why connect to Quickbooks in North America?

Connecting Buildxact and Quickbooks allows you to run your business through Buildxact and then seamlessly pull expenses and income into Quickbooks for payment and reconciliation.

Here is a summary of the overall process, Buildxact send purchases (Expenses) and customer invoices (Income) through to your Quickbooks, and then Quickbooks connects with your bank to complete the process.

Which versions of Quickbooks do you connect with in North America?

We connect with online versions of Quickbooks (not desktop versions), and of those we connect with all except the Simple Start product.

First things first, let's get your tax set up

If you haven't already set up your tax rates in Buildxact then you need to do this first. It's important to do this first so that Buildxact and Quickbooks are in sync with the tax settings and hence both give the same result when doing calculations.

You can see how to update your tax settings here:

Connecting Quickbooks and Buildxact and the syncing process

This video here covers:

  • The connection to Quickbooks

  • What the information looks like in Quickbooks

What does the information look like in Quickbooks

1. Under the side menu in QuickBooks there is a "Get Paid and Pay" tab.

2. Under that tab "Invoices" is where Buildxact's customer invoices will be sent

3. "Vendors" is where Buildxact's expenses/purchases will be sent


1. Buildxact purchases will be visible in the "Open Bills" section

2. Under that click on any bill to see further details

In the image below, anything with a RED box has come directly from Buildxact. The due date, which has a BLUE box, has been calculated by Quickbooks based on the payment terms on the contact.


All Buildxact customer invoices show together in the invoices section in Quickbooks.

  1. Click on any one of them to see more information

In the image below all RED boxes indicate information synced from Buildxact.

2. If you wanted to edit or see more information on the invoice you'd click "Edit Invoice"

For further assistance, get in touch with us.

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