Can I get help inside Buildxact?

Learn about the information panels inside Buildxact.

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We have information panels throughout Buildxact to better support onboarding and learning for our users.

Anytime you are unsure how to do something inside Buildxact scroll down and look for the information panel. It will contain a quick blurb explaining where you are in the system, the features and the functions. It will also link to any relevant FAQs, help guides and, if available, an explainer video for you to watch in app.

View FAQs and Videos

To view the available guides or launch a video, click the hyperlinks within the information panel.

Resize and move videos around your screen

When you're watching a video, you can resize the screen and move it around. To resize the video screen, hover your cursor on the bottom right-hand side of the video screen until your cursor changes to double ended arrow symbol, then click and drag out or in to resize.

To move the video screen around, hover your mouse cursor around the edge of the screen (the top is usually the easiest) until your cursor turns into a cross arrow symbol, click and move your mouse to move it around.

To close the video, click the x symbol in the top right-hand corner.

Close information panels

You can close the information panel by clicking the Close hyperlink. To expand the information panel, click on the title or the information icon.

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