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Contents: Steps on handling connection requests covered in Video and steps

Buildxact customers use supplier integrations to connect with their preferred suppliers. Suppliers with Supplier / Dealer Pro integration are discoverable by all Buildxact users on a Pro or Teams plan.

This video covers all connection scenarios.

When a customer selects you as their preferred supplier a dialog box opens, pre-populates a form and prompts them to enter their account number with you. When the customer Submits this information it is sent directly to your Buildxact account.

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu in the Clients section you will see a number icon notifying you of a connection request. Click on Clients in the left-hand navigation menu

  2. Then Connections from the pop out menu and you will see who is making the request.

  3. If you recognize the client and their account information is correctly listed you may Approve the request with one click. (If you do not recognize the person or organization you may elect to Decline the request until you have verified information to proceed)

  4. Once you have approved a connection request to customer will be able to subscribe to any Public catalogs you have published in Buildxact, you can click on the customer line item/ Customer Name and view their details and what catalogs they have access to subscribe to.

  5. Click on the connection management tab to manage Price file/ Item catalog access and Grant Access to any Managed catalogs that you want to make available for subscription to that particular customer.

    Note: You can bulk approve access to managed price catalogs. Click here to view the article.

  6. Once you have Granted Access, the customer is able to subscribe and use your Price file/ Item catalog information when preparing estimates for their clients and for submitting material/purchase orders to you.

    Note: You can revoke access easily if needed. Click here to view the article.

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