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Communications section in Buildxact
Communications section in Buildxact

How emails, SMS, notifications and conversations work in the communications section in Buildxact

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Buildxact allows you to manage a array of different types of communications which can be viewed through the Communication section in the left-hand menu of Buildxact. This article will look at the different types of communications that shows in the Communications section.

Note: The Communications section is a log of all communications sent from Buildxact and responses received.

There are four main areas in the Communication section in Buildxact.

  1. Email

    Shows any emails you have sent to your clients (customers) or contacts (suppliers, trades, contractors, etc.). You can also forward and resend email message from here.

    Email response will only come back into Buildxact if you integrate your email. Click the below button to view the guide to connect you email.

  2. SMS

    Shows sent SMS text messages. You cannot receive SMS text messages back into Buildxact. Meaning your client or contact can receive SMS texts from your Buildxact account, and if they reply, the SMS text message will go to your nominated mobile number you set up your "My Business" section but not back into Buildxact.

  3. Notifications

    Shows activity relating to all stages of the RFQ - request for quote process. You can also click on the description the open the RFQ and to view or make any changes.

  4. Conversations

    Shows activity relating to any client portal that you have published and shared with your clients. You can view and reply to messages from the client here only. (*Pro and Teams subscription only)

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