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How to make changes to an existing invoice
How to make changes to an existing invoice

Learn how to edit and adjust invoices in Contract and Completion percent jobs

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There may be times where you will need to edit or adjust invoices. The video below goes through how to make changes to invoices for Contract and Completion Percent jobs in Buildxact.

Remove a variation from an invoice in Buildxact

To edit or remove a variation on an invoice, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the variation from the invoice by changing the invoice status to pending (deleting any receipts if you have added any), and then setting the variation amount to 0.

  2. After removing the variation from the invoice, open the variation and change its status to pending. This will allow you to edit the variation.

  3. To change the description of a variation, edit the variation as needed, and then accept and attach it to the invoice again.

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