In this article we will look at the best practice way to print out a physical copy of your schedule via Excel making it easy to read and follow.

  1. From the 'Jobs' section under the 'Schedule' tab in Buildxact click on the 'cog icon' in the top right-hand corner above your schedule. From the dropdown list click 'Print Gantt'.

  2. In the pop up click on 'Excel' and then click 'View'. You can make further edits to your schedule in Excel if needed but they will not reflect in Buildxact.

  3. Once the Excel spreadsheet opens you may need to enable editing to make any edits or print your spreadsheet. Click the 'Enable Editing' button located in the top yellow bar of your spreadsheet.

  4. To print go to the 'File' tab in the top left-hand corner. In the file menu click 'Print'. In printing options click the scaling dropdown menu and change the Scaling from "No Scaling" to "Fit All Rows on One Page".

  5. When you print your schedule, you will be able to see all the rows on one page and connect the other pages together.

    Note: If your schedule is still not looking the way you want it to, you can custom scale your printing by going to the 'View' tab in the top navigation menu and clicking the 'Page Break Preview'. Once selected you can easily use your mouse to move the defined page break blue lines to resize your printing area.

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