WProofReader Setup and Options

This guide will walk you through the proof reader we use in Buildxact

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Turn off WProofReader

If you do not want to use our proof reader, you can turn it off.

1) Hover over the orange check mark

2) Click the power button

Note: This setting does not carry over from screen to screen. You will have to turn off the proof reader every time you need to disable it.

WProofReader Settings


Here you can choose which broad settings to apply to the message box. Select which case you would like the proof reader to ignore. Your settings here automatically save and carry over from session to session.


Use this screen to select your language. Switching to a localized version of English will provide better auto-correct options for you when writing in the message box.


You can use this section to add terms to your proofreader for the message box. You can also create your own dictionaries of terms as well.

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