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How do I add documents/attachments to Purchase Orders?
How do I add documents/attachments to Purchase Orders?
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When creating a new Purchase Order, you can add a document attachment to the Purchase Order.

From your Dashboard, Select Jobs and then select the appropriate job from your Job list.

Next select the “Purchase Orders” tab.

At the bottom of the “Purchase Order” screen, you will see the Documents section, where you can upload a file:

When you click Upload File, you will get the pop-up window allowing you to select the location of your existing file (document) to be uploaded:

Once you select the file by clicking on it and then clicking Open, another pop-up window will open which allows you to either upload the file to an “Unassigned Folder” or Create New Folder by clicking the Create New Folder.

*Tip 1: You can select multiple files for upload by holding the Ctrl key down while clicking on the file.

*Tip 2: Once you have created a folder, the folder will show up in your folder list the next time you are in a new purchase order, and you will be able to select it.

Once you have selected your file for upload, just click the Upload button, and the Upload process will begin.

Once the upload process is complete, you will be taken back to your main screen for the Purchase Order and you will see you document(s) listed:

Note: the files will be displayed under any subfolders which you may have created.

*Tip 1: If you choose to delete one of your uploaded files, you can do so by clicking on the file and then clicking on Delete.

*Tip 2: The file can be downloaded again if needed, by selecting the Download button.

You can then proceed with your Purchase order, by saving, sending, or canceling out (at the bottom of the Purchase order page).

For additional information on how to email attachments, please go to the following article:

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