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How do I hide, filter, delete or restore an estimate or job in Buildxact?
How do I hide, filter, delete or restore an estimate or job in Buildxact?

This guide will show you how to hide and delete completed Estimate and Jobs

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Learn how to hide, filter, delete, and restore estimates and jobs in Buildxact to stay organized and on top of your job management.

Hiding/Filtering Estimates

When you click on the Estimates section, you'll see a side menu with different statuses related to your estimates. You can easily filter your view by selecting and deselecting the types you're interested in.

To update the status of an estimate, open it and adjust the status dropdown in the top right-hand corner accordingly.

Hiding/Filtering Jobs

Once a job is completed in Buildxact (schedule shows 100%), it will appear in the Completed section of the jobs tab. If you want to hide these completed jobs, simply deselect "Completed" in this tab.

In the instance a completed job still appears in other job lists (e.g., In Progress, Not Started), check that the schedule shows 100% completion. If needed, follow these steps to inform Buildxact that the job is completed:

  1. Open the job in Buildxact.

  2. Navigate to the Job Schedule page.

  3. Click on "More Actions".

  4. Select "Mark job as completed."

How to delete or restore an Estimate or Job

To delete an estimate or job, click the trash can icon in the respective section.

Buildxact does not permanently delete an estimate or job; instead, we hide them from view. If you need to restore any deleted estimates or jobs, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main Estimates or Jobs page.

  2. Click the settings option.

  3. Select "Deleted items."

  4. From here, you can restore as required.

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