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What happens if two users are in the same estimate or job at the same time?
What happens if two users are in the same estimate or job at the same time?

Two users working in the same estimate or job at the same time can cause data to be overwritten in Buildxact.

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Buildxact IS NOT designed for two users to work on the same estimate or job at the same time.

In this article we talk about multiple users being in the same estimate at the same time and how that can cause data to be overwritten, but this issue can also be caused by:

  • One user having multiple tabs/windows open on a browser.

  • One user logging in on two devices, such as a laptop and a phone.

How can I tell if there are other users in an estimate at the same time as me?

Buildxact will warn you if this is occurring by showing a colored circle in the top right with the initials of the other user accessing the same estimate. Hovering your cursor over the initials will show you the user's name and how long they've been in the estimate.

The bubble will appear when other users from your account (or tenant) are performing any of the below actions on an Estimate at the same time.

  • Viewing the Estimate

  • Editing the Estimate

  • Saving any changes over your changes

The bubble will disappear when the other user leaves the estimate either by navigation or when they close the browser/tab.

What do I do if I see another user in the estimate at the same time as me?

This can happen one of two ways:

  1. Someone joins the estimate you're in
    In this case we would recommend saving your work immediately and contacting the other user to advise them that you're working in there.

  2. You access an estimate and see that someone is already there
    In this case just don't do anything, especially don't save anything, just exit the estimate. If you need the estimate urgently, contact the other user to coordinate this.

Why can't I work in an estimate or job at the same time as another user?

When this happens, there is a significant risk that one user will override the other's work. Every time a user saves, we update the data we hold with what that user is saving, this may not include work that a second user has done or is doing.

See the graphic below for a visual representation of what happens in Buildxact when two users are in an estimate at the same time.

When a Buildxact user goes from one "page" (defined as something with a separate URL) to another, the system checks our database to see the latest information.

Both sessions get their data from the database and are in sync at this point in time.

Session 1 (green) adds an item to their estimate and pushes a save to the database.

The database accepts this save. From now on, anytime a user loads this estimate they will receive Session 1's (green) data. This data is not pushed to Session 2 (red) creating an out of sync issue.

Session 2 (red), working with the original database information, adds an item to the estimate. When Session 2 (red) pushes a save to the database it now OVERRIDES the previous information.

Since Session 2 (red) added their save to the database Session 1's (green) data is lost.

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