Buildxact IS NOT designed for two users or two sessions to work on the same estimate at the same time.

When a Buildxact user goes from one "page" (a ''page'' is defined as something with a different URL) to another, the system checks our database to see the latest information. Here we have two sessions that have been created at the same time (ex: working on the same estimate Q1234 at the same time).

Note: Multiple sessions can be created by either multiple users; having multiple tabs/windows open on a browser; logging in at home and in the office from different computers.

Both sessions get their data from the database and are in sync at this point in time.

Session 1 (green) adds an item to their estimate and pushes a save to the database.

The database now accepts this save now anytime a user loads this estimate they will receive Session 1's (green) data. This data is not pushed to Session 2 (red) creating an out of sync issue.

Session 2 (red), working with the original database information, adds an item to the estimate. When Session 2 (red) pushes a save to the database it now OVERRIDES the previous information.

As you can see, since Session 2 (red) added their save to the database Session 1's (green) data is lost.

This is just an example of one of the many issues that can be caused by unaware concurrent users. As a safety precaution, set up procedures to limit work on an estimate to a single session at a time.

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