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Managing Deputy and Buildxact job links
Managing Deputy and Buildxact job links

You can link your jobs, and choose which categories of the job to be synced to Deputy

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Once you have synced the two systems link a job from Buildxact to Deputy by:

  1. In the Job Details, enter an address in the "Work Location" field

  2. Click "Create Location" if you would like to use the address in step 1. Click "Confirm", you will get a pop up message saying a Location has been created in Deputy, click "Confirm"

  3. If you would like to link this job to a location already set up in Deputy, click on the drop down and choose from the list. (The addresses on this drop down have already been set up in Deputy)

4. If you need to unlink the job from Deputy click "Unlink" against the address field

5. To link the "Cost Categories" of the Buildxact job to "Areas" in Deputy, click "Manage Deputy Areas". This brings up the Cost Categories

Note: the "Manage Deputy Areas" button WILL NOT SHOW if there are no cost categories in your Actual Costings screen of your job. If this is the case you'll need to add at least one cost category.

6. Click "Create Deputy Area" against any Cost Category you would like to link across to the job in Deputy

7. Click "Confirm"

8. If you need to unlink the Category from the Area in Deputy, click "Unlink" and then "Confirm"

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