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Exporting information to Excel

How to export the contents of the leads, estimates, jobs, contacts and clients screens to Excel

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We've now made it easier to export a summary of information from the lists that show on the leads, estimates, jobs, contacts and clients screens. The ability to export from more screens will be coming soon.

The intention of this is that you can export the summary and then use the information in whatever way you like, for example you might want to work out your average estimate price for different styles of builds, the information we export would allow you to do that.

To export the information simply:

  1. Head to the section you want to export from, we've highlighted the sections you can export from currently.

  2. Click More Actions

  3. Then select Export to Excel

  4. The export will then download

Note: the export is a complete summary of the contents of the screen and is not impacted at all by the filter you choose when viewing the screen. To say this another way, if we selected only In Progress jobs before exporting, the export would still contain all jobs. The ability to only export your filtered data will be coming soon.

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