How to connect with a Supplier/Dealer in Buildxact

How to connect with a Supplier/Dealer using Buildxact and subscribe to their pricing

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This refers to Suppliers and Dealers who are loading their prices into Buildxact and are making it available to Buildxact users.

There are several steps to get connected to a supplier's pricing which we'll cover, but overall it's easy. We have both a video and the written steps below.



Request a connection to the supplier/dealer

This is the process of requesting a connection from your preferred supplier and choosing what info to send them to help them identify you.

1. Head into the Integrations menu

2. Click on Supplier Integrations

3. Click connect on your preferred supplier. If you do not see your preferred supplier listed, you can invite them, by clicking the "Invite a Supplier" button. Learn more about inviting your supplier here:

4. You'll be prompted to add your customer number

5. Then confirm your business details, these come from the account information stored in your account so if it is completely wrong, you'll need to cancel and update it as per the link below

6. Click submit to send the information from steps 4 and 5 to your preferred supplier for approval.

7. You will notice a connection status. This will be requested until the connection is approved.

Get approved by the supplier

This covers how to know when your connection has been approved.

1. You'll get a notification under the integrations menu advising of something.

2. Moving into the Supplier Integration section you'll see the confirmation that the supplier is now connected with you. Click Manage

3. Once you've clicked Manage you'll see the status inside confirming the connection is live and you'll see when that happened.

Subscribe to any lists made available to you

This looks at how to make the suppliers pricing live in your account. You have the option to choose which pricing will be used in your account, helpful in the instance the supplier has more pricing lists than you need.

1. Once connected with a supplier, clicking Manage on that supplier (under the Integrations menu) will take you in to view more details

2. You'll see all catalogues the supplier has available to you, note there may be more than you need

3. Any lists you've already subscribed to will be marked as subscribed.

4. Clicking on a list will bring up a box to either subscribe or unsubscribe from it.

5. If you head into your Catalogs menu you'll see any price lists you've subscribed to alongside any lists you've loaded yourself.

6. If you head into any estimate the pricing from your supplier alongside any of your own prices.

7. Clicking the magnifying class allows for a more detailed search.

8. The browse option is better if you're not entirely sure what you are after, it allows you to just "Browse"

New lists and changes

This talks about any changes in supplier pricelists or updates.

1. If the supplier changes anything or posts updated pricelists you'll get a notification on the integrations menu.

2. Click manage to head in and see the change.

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