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Can I use Buildxact (web app) on mobile devices?
Can I use Buildxact (web app) on mobile devices?

This article will cover how to use Buildxact on phones and tablets and how to request a desktop version if you need to

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*NOTE: this article deals with how to view the Buildxact web app on your mobile device NOT how to view and use Buildxact Onsite, the Buildxact mobile app.

When you log into Buildxact from your mobile/tablet, it will detect the device you are using and adjust the display accordingly. You can see this in action by resizing the browser window on the desktop version. If you ever need to you can request a desktop version which will load differently, this article will cover all of this.

How to log in

Users log in via the browser on their phone/tablet.

The first time you log in, there is an option to both save your login details and create a shortcut for your home screen. The shortcut icon will act like an app.

For more info on adding a shortcut on your home screen see here:

The difference between the Mobile and Desktop

  • The left-hand menu expands/collapses differently. Firstly, on Mobile the left-hand menu collapses, and they expand up and down as opposed to left and right on desktop.

  • In the image below the leads area is open, shown for both Desktop and Mobile.

  • Tables scroll left and right. This allows tables, like the estimates list, is not squashed, and you can scroll sideways to view it all

  • The top menu resizes and changes to fit your screen. Icons are used instead of text in many places to allow this to fit, and the use of scrolling menus to make it easier.

  • The screen rotates with your device. So depending on what you are viewing in Buildxact, you can spin your device to get a better view.

Options available specifically a mobile device

There are a few really good little features that are only available on mobile devices:

  • Take photos and save direct into Buildxact.

  1. Click on "Upload File"

  2. You have the option of taking a photo or choosing from a file

  • You can dictate instead of type.

As most phones have voice-to-text you can use this function to type into Buildxact. This is particularly good for longer info like notes, emails, specifications or even your terms and conditions.

  1. Click on the notes field, the keyboard appears, to dictate click the microphone icon

โ€‹Note: we always encourage you to proofread when using voice-to-text

How to request a mobile version

The mobile version is designed to work on all mobile devices but if you run into any headaches then you can request the desktop version which will load differently and should solve any display issues you're having.

Any other questions, contact us for more help.

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