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How do I set up the look of the client portal?
How do I set up the look of the client portal?

This article talks about setting brand colors, logos and a portfolio for your client portal.

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This article talks specifically about how the setup of your account in Buildxact is reflected in your client portal. For more general info about getting your account setup, see:

When looking at the business details area there are some sections which relate specifically to the client portal.

  1. The small format logo

  2. The gallery

  3. The brand colors

Small format logo

This will be used within the portal and emails where we need a smaller "icon" style logo. If you don't have a separate logo, it's generally fine to use your main logo her also.

See the example of where it is used in the client portal below.


The gallery is used to show off your previous work, you can load up to 6 images here. In the client portal it will show under the contacts area as part of your portfolio.

Brand Colors

These should automatically be chosen when you load your logo, but if you want to change these you absolutely can. You can either pick a color or enter the HEX or RBG code.

These two colors are shown in your portal as below

  1. Primary color - used for menus and text

  2. Darkened Primary color - used for menus and some icons

  3. Secondary color - used for main text and buttons

  4. Lightened Secondary color - used for header bars

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