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Troubleshooting Deputy errors
Troubleshooting Deputy errors

A list of common Deputy sync issues

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The "Manage Deputy Areas" button isn't showing up

The "Manage Deputy Areas" button WILL NOT SHOW if there are no cost categories in your Actual Costings screen of your job. If this is the case you'll need to add at least one cost category.

Timesheets for user won't sync

The explanation here assumes you have successfully linked the location/areas and that your Deputy is currently connected.

Deputy has a rule restricting timesheets for people who have been invited into Deputy but not accepted the invitation.

Using the below example, is that all else being fine, approved timesheets for Matt will sync to Buildxact, but timesheets for Dan will not as he has not accepted the invite in Deputy.

Deputy Area : 'xxxxxxxx' not assigned to any category in Job #xxxxxx

The above error means a Deputy "Area" is not linked to any Buildxact "Cost Category" This happens when an "Area" has been added directly into Deputy, there is no link between this and the Cost Categories in Buildxact.

The solution is to go to the "Job details" tab of the corresponding job in Buildxact

1.Click "Manage Deputy Areas"

2. Choose which Buildxact category you want to link that Deputy area to from the dropdown.

Note: If you want a Cost Category that exactly matches that Deputy Area, you can create a new Category in the Actuals Category field first

More info on linking areas here

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