Timesheets for just one user wont sync

The explanation here assumes you have successfully linked the location/areas and that your Deputy is currently connected.

Something that is often overlooked when testing the Deputy/Buildxact integration is that Deputy has a rule restricting timesheets for people who have been invited into Deputy but not accepted the invitation. What we mean here, using the below example, is that all else being fine, approved timesheets for Matt will sync to Buildxact, but timesheets for Dan will not as he is invited but not accepted.

Deputy Area : 'xxxxxxxx' not assigned to any category in Job #xxxxxx

This is a common one if users add extra areas directly into Deputy. The error is basically saying the Deputy Area called eg: Labour is not linked to any cost category in job number eg: J1234. The solution is to go to J1234 in this example, go to the job details page, click Manage Deputy Areas and choose which Buildxact category you want to link that Deputy area to. Note there are times when you may want to first go to the actual costing screen, and create a completely new category to match with the Deputy area, that is completely fine.

More info on linking areas here

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