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Can I create a credit note with a Supplier/Dealer?
Can I create a credit note with a Supplier/Dealer?

Learn how to create a Credit Note for a Purchase Order in Buildxact.

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In Buildxact you can create a credit note based on quantity or cost and for a partially or fully receipted purchase order. For example, if there has been a shipping error.

Note: if you're connecting to an accounting system this will either sync through as a negative bill, or in the case of Xero will create a credit note.

  1. To begin, navigate to Jobs and select the specific job you need a credit note for. Note that you'll need to have an existing Purchase Order with a status of at least 'Sent'.

  2. Click on Purchase Orders

  3. Open up your Purchase Order

4. Scroll down to find Invoices/Receipts

5. Click on the green '+' button to create a new payment to the order.

6. At this point you'll have a new screen up where you can see your order items. You'll be able to add new items (6) that may have been sent via error, or simply mark an item in credit by setting the quantity as a minus value (7).

8. Add a reference number and then you'll be able to mark the order as part-received or received (9).

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