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Whether you are just getting started with Buildxact or need a hand with a specific area of the platform, there is an abundance of ways we can help.

We are here to ensure you get the full benefit of Buildxact platform regardless of where you are in your journey with Buildxact.

Our customer success team host free and interactive live training webinars daily. If you are new to Buildxact we suggest you attend all the webinars or watch OnDemand.

If you are one of our Supplier or Dealer please click the below button to view webinars specific to you. Please note, you can attend both Supplier/Dealer specific and Builder webinars above.

Book for a 1:1 business consultation session

Finished the webinars, but you still have more questions? Need help to get set up?

The optional 1:1 business consultation session allows you to ask any follow up questions from the online webinars, and to make sure Buildxact is setup exactly right for your business. The session runs for 1 hour.

Contact one of our Customer Success team to discuss your Business Consultation.

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