You can now add an Item code to Catalogue items, making it easier to choose the right item, as well as making Catalogue updates easier when descriptions change. 

  1. Navigate to "Catalogues" and select the catalogue you wish to update
  2. Note the new "Code" column. This is where your item codes should be entered
  3. Click the Edit button to switch into edit mode and enter Item codes
  4. Enter your item code in the field called "Code"
  5. Save

You can also add Item codes through the import.

  1. Select the Catalogue you wish to import
  2. Click the "Cog" icon and select "Import from Excel"
  3. Click "Browse" to choose the Excel file you wish to import
  4. The system will let you choose which fields of your file you wish to match to the fields in the Catalogue
  5. Select "Item Code" to map to the field on your spreadsheet that contains your item codes
  6. Map all the other fields from your spreadsheet
  7. Click  Next
  8. The system will give you a preview of what you are adding, and you can remove the checkbox on any item you do not wish to import to the Catalogue
  9. Click "Import" to bring the items into the Catalogue
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