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How does Buildxact manage Data Security and Backups?
How does Buildxact manage Data Security and Backups?

Learn about how often Buildxact Data is backed and how we keep your data safe.

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Is my data secure?

Your data and information are extremely important to Buildxact. To make sure that your data is protected Buildxact uses industry best practices for data backup and recovery.  

The Buildxact system is built on Microsoft Azure’s cloud database, which automatically stores information across its cloud network and stores all the data you load on to your Buildxact account. 

Microsoft Azure conducts a range of backup and failsafe activities including full backups done every week with transactional backups being done every 5 to 10 minutes.

This means, that in the unlikely event that something happens, Buildxact can restore this information and minimize data loss and downtime. 

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