Using the client portal to optimize your job management and execution in Buildxact

Use the Client Portal to communicate and collaborate with your client throughout the job

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Article contents: outline of the benefits of using the client portal to optimize job management.

Setting up a Client Portal for your customer's projects will help you manage communication and collaboration, while providing an excellent experience for your customers.
​Sharing Documents
Instead of emailing documents, use the Client Portal to share documents with your customers. This will provide your customers with a central repository they can access to view any documents, plans or images that you have shared with them.

Its hard to manage and track communication with your customer when there are so many different communication methods available - phone calls, texts, emails, messaging apps. Keep all your communication centralized and recorded with the Messaging function inside the Client Portal. Your customer will be able to send messages to your Buildxact account, and you can reply, include attachments, and refer to documents you have sent previously.

Quotes, Variations and Invoicing
Share your quotes, variations/change orders and invoices to the Client Portal for easy access and viewing by your customer. Keep track of what has been sent, when and by who.

Digital Handover

The Client Portal continues to exist and be accessible for your customers even after your work is done. You can use the Client Portal as a place to store your digital handover documentation in one easy place for your customer to access whenever they need it.

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