Sharing items to the Client Portal
Sharing documents, images, quotes and more
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Article contents - Steps on sharing documents, images, quotes, plans, variations and invoices to your client through the Client Portal to a published and shared project.

Prior to sharing to a Client Portal Portal you need to have saved document/images in Buildxact. Please click the below button the view the article on how to do so.

You can share from Buildxact from the Documents sections on a Lead, Estimate or Job linked to a lead with a client portal project set up.

The documents/images must be uploaded first in one of the following screens- (whatever document section is easiest as the documents/images show up across your Lead, Estimate and Job when linked.)

  • Lead details tab - Documents section

  • Estimate details tab - Documents section

  • Job details tab - Documents section

Sharing Documents

Note: You can share from the Lead details, Estimate details or Job Details tab in the documents section. The example below will be shown from the Estimate details tab.

  1. From the Estimate details tab scroll down the Documents section located of the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

  2. You can select to share one or multiple documents/images by using the corresponding checkboxes.

  3. As you select what you want to share a menu at the bottom on the screen will allow you to Share, add a description, Rename, Download, Delete or cancel.

  4. To the left, a pop out dialog box will appear where you will be able to review and edit how you want to share the information with your customer. If it is a milestone we suggest sharing to the timeline also.

  5. Review the email section and make any changing to the message to you customer. Once happy with the edits click share to publish to your customer client portal project.

  6. A pop up will appear letting you know that once published to the portal it cannot be removed. Click the orange Share button.

  7. Your customer will then get an email and client portal notification regarding what you have shared with them. They can then login to the portal and view what you shared. See example below of client portal notification badge and timeline.

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