You can share documents, quotes, plans, variations and invoices to your client through the Client Portal.

Sharing Documents

You can share any documents from Buildxact from the Documents sections on a Lead, Estimate or Job linked to a lead with a client portal set up.

Note: Sharing documents from the Leads screen is coming soon. If you wish to share documents before an estimate has been created, you can do so by attaching the document to a message. See here for information on creating a new message.

Once the document has been uploaded

  1. Click the document and choose "Share"

2. Choose which area in the Portal you would like the attachment to appear

3. Add a Subject and Message

4. Click "Share"

Once shared you will see the item is updated to "Published" and you can no longer share or delete the item.

Note that once you share an item there is not currently any way to delete that shared item.

Inside the Client Portal your customer will receive the message you sent along with the document

They can also access the document inside the section that you chose when sharing it. In this case - "Documents".

From here your customer can start a new conversation with you about something you have shared.

You can also share quote letters, plans, variations and invoices by selecting the "Share" button next to them in this same manner.

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