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How to communicate with your customer through the Client Portal

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Once you have set up a client portal you can use Messaging to chat with your clients and keep track of communication.

You can access Messaging from a number of places in Buildxact

  1. Communication: Navigate to Communications and select "Conversations". This will show your conversations across all of your client portals with your customers. 

2. Leads: Navigate to Leads, select the lead you want to communicate with and click "Communication". This will show you a list of messages between your company and that lead.

Sending a new message

  1. To send a new message, you first need to select the lead you are sending the message to. Navigate to Leads and select the client you are wishing to message. 

Note: You must have published a Client Portal before you can use the Messages tool.  See this article on how to set up a Client Portal.

2. After selecting the lead you wish to message, click the "Communication" tab

3. You will now see a list of previous messages with this Lead. If you want to reply to an existing conversation, click that conversation and the message will open. To start a new conversation click "Create New".

4. The new message will appear to the side of your screen. Here you can enter the subject and message you wish to send. Click "Send Message" to send your message you have just entered.

5. Once you have sent your message, you will see the message appear in the conversation window. In this screen you can add an attachment, by clicking the paperclip icon.

6. You can edit or delete your message by hovering over the message and clicking "..."

7. Your customer will receive the message inside their client portal and will be able to reply to you from there.

8. When your customer replies in Buildxact you will see that you have a new unread message:

9. Clicking on Communication will expand the menu and show you which type of new message you have:

10. Your Client Portal messages are stored under "Conversations". Selecting "Conversations" will show you a list of all of your messages. Anything new will appear at the top of the list and be shown as "Unread".

11. Clicking on the conversation will show you the message you have received.

12. You can continue the conversation by replying in this screen.

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