Changing Lead Stage

When you first create a lead, your lead will be at the "New" stage. 

As your lead progresses, you can change the stage to reflect how close you are to winning the project.

  1. Inside Lead Details, click the "Stage" drop down so see a list of stages you can select from
  2. Select the most appropriate stage for your lead

3. When you have selected a stage, the lead will update to reflect this 

Managing Project Scope

When you first create a lead, the Project type and budget will be unspecified. You should update these with information about the type of project the lead is for, and their budget.

  1. In the Project scope section of the page, click on the "Project type" dropdown. 
  2. Select the most accurate option that describes the type of project.

3. Use the Budget field to enter the amount the lead wants to spend

4. If known, you can also enter the start date and address of the project here also

Once your project scope details have been updated, the lead will reflect these details.

Adding Notes

We recommend that you use the Notes functionality to record conversation or internal notes about the lead and the project. Each note has a timestamp and an author that will help you keep track of conversations that happened.

1. Click on "Create a note" to add a new note

2. Type your note, using Shift + Enter to create a new paragraph and pressing Enter to save. Your note will then appear below.
3. When you have created a note you will notice that you can see where the note was created,
4. Who it was created by,
5. and when it was created.
6. Pressing the bin icon will delete your note.

Adding Documents

The Documents section can be used to upload documents or images against your lead. From here you can also share these documents to your Client Portal. We recommend you use this section to collaborate, communicate and share ideas with your client prior to an estimate or job being created.

  1. Click "Upload File" or drag and drop your document into the "Upload File" box

2. Enter a name for the folder you wish to place this document in, or if you already have folders, select a folder and click Upload.

3. Your document will be uploaded against your lead. Clicking on the document will let you Delete or Download the document. If you have a client project published, you can also click "Share" to share the document to your client portal.

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