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How do I create a client portal for an existing lead?
How do I create a client portal for an existing lead?

Learn how to create a client portal for an existing lead so that you can collaborate with your customers/clients through Buildxact.

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A client portal is automatically created for each new lead captured. However, you can also create a client portal for an existing lead. This allows you to share documents, quotes, plans, variations and invoices and manage communications with your client in Buildxact throughout the project.

  1. Navigate to the Leads screen and select the existing lead you wish to create a portal for.

2. On the Lead Details screen, scroll down to Client Project. Here you can create a portal for your project by clicking Publish Project.

3. Once published, you will see your project with the name that you gave it appear in the Client Portal section (bottom right of the Lead Details page).
4. Underneath, you will see a list of people that you can invite to access the portal. You can add people to this list by navigating to the client and adding contacts.
5. Click Invite to invite people to access the portal.

6. When you click Invite, the Invite form will appear to the side of your screen.
7. At the top of the page you will see the name of the project you are inviting a client to join.
8. Check the checkbox next to the people you wish to access this portal. Next to their name and email address you can see whether or not they already have been sent an invitation.
9. The Invite message will be emailed to the person/s along with a link to join the portal. The message is auto-filled, but you can write your own personalized message.
10. Click Send Invitation. This will send the customer an email, with the invite message you drafted, and a link they can use to access the portal (See example below).

The email your customer receives will look like the example below (with your logo at the top).

When your client clicks Accept Invitation, they are taken to the login page. They can now sign up to access their project and begin collaborating with you.

Note: The colors of the client portal are taken from your brand colors. You can set these up through the My Business - Business Setup page.

Now that your Client Portal has been setup, and your clients have been invited, read more about using the Client Portal here

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