You can create a Client Portal for any Lead you have created. This will allow you to share documents, quotes, plans, variations and invoices and manage communications with your client in Buildxact throughout the project.

  1. On the Leads screen, select the Lead you wish to create a portal for.

2. On the Lead Details screen, scroll down to "Client Project". Here you can publish a portal to manage the project by clicking "Publish Project:.

3. When you click "Publish Project", the Publish Project form will appear to the side of your screen. When filling out these details remember that they will be sent to your client and not internal only.
4. The name of your project will be defaulted to the Client name and the type of project, you can change this to whatever makes sense to you and your client.
5. The "Welcome Message" will be the first thing your client sees when they access the portal. There is a default message that you can use, or you can enter your own message.
6. Click "Publish" to create the portal. You will need to invite your client to access the portal in the next step, so your client will not be able to access the portal just yet.

7. When you click Publish, a popup will appear advising that published projects cannot be deleted. Please note that once you publish the project, it creates a project for your client, and you cannot remove it. Click "Publish" to go ahead and create the portal.

8. Once published, you will see your project with the name that you gave it appear in the Client Project section with a green tick next to it. This means the portal has been successfully created.
9. Underneath, you will see a list of people that you can invite to access the portal. You can add people to this list by navigating to the client and adding contacts.
10. Click "Invite" to start inviting people to access the portal

11. When you click "Invite", the Invite form will appear to the side of your screen. Here you can choose who is to be invited, and draft a message to be included in the invitation email they will receive.
12. At the top of the page you will see the name of the project you are inviting a client to join.
13. Check the checkbox next to the people you wish to access this portal. Next to their name and email address you can see whether or not they already have been sent an invitation.
14. The Invite message is the message that will be emailed to the person along with a link to join the portal. The message will be pre-filled, you are free to change this to whatever you wish.
15. When you are ready to end the invitation, click "Send Invitation". This will send the customer an email, with the message you have drafted, and a link they can use to access the portal (See below for example).

The email received by your customer will look like the below, with your logo at the top.

When your client clicks "Accept Invitation", they are taken to the login page, where they can sign up to access their project with you.

When the client first logs in, they will be taken to the Welcome message you drafted when setting up the client portal in Step 5 above.

Note: The colours of the client portal are taken from your brand colours. You can set these up through the My Business - Business Setup page.

Now that your Client Portal has been setup, and your clients have been invited, read more about using the Client Portal here

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